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Tintin, c'est l'aventure N°7 : La jungle 

Omnipresent in Hergé's work, the jungle is sometimes dangerous, sometimes protective. With its lush landscapes, colourful fauna and exotic flora, it continues to fascinate and inspire today... while being threatened more than ever by the evils of our time.


- 10 unpublished plates from an adventure by Jérôme Moucherot by FRANÇOIS BOUCQ

- HUGO PRATT's travel diary in Ethiopia

A quarterly magazine created by the publishers Prisma/Géo and Moulinsart. In partnership with Editions Prisma and journalists from Géo magazine, Editions Moulinsart revisits the universe of Hergé and sets off with Tintin to discover the world of today.

Nearly 150 pages of investigative reports, portraits and meetings with those who make up the 21st century and our current affairs. To understand, know and travel.

In text, images and photos. In each issue, every quarter, you will find numerous editorial surprises, including an original and unpublished comic strip adventure, created by the most famous names in the Ninth Art and freely inspired by the spirit of Hergé.

French version

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Width 21.00 cm
Length 21.00 cm
Production Year 2021
Country of Manufacture FR
Language Product French
Package size 21.00 cm x 21.00 cm x 2.00 cm

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