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Tintin, c'est l'aventure N° 5 - Aux frontières de l'étrange

If Hergé first imagined stories anchored in the real world, the current events, which became darker with the Second World War, pushed him to seek inspiration from the supernatural and fantasy, and to make his hero live adventures at the edge of reason: often, laughter gave way to anguish. Mysteries of the unconscious, superstitions, sects, sleepwalking and unexplained phenomena: a visit to an issue of Tintin is an adventure to make you shiver! (French version)

Ref: 24412


Width 21.00 cm
Length 21.00 cm
Production Year 2020
Country of Manufacture FR
Language Product French
Package size 21.00 cm x 21.00 cm x 2.00 cm

Tintin, c'est l'aventure N°6 Revue


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