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In The Castafiore Emerald (plate 56, box D3), after many twists and turns, the Château de Moulinsart is about to be restored to its former glory. Parked just outside the entrance, a cab awaits the famous Milanese nightingale, Bianca Castafiore, accompanied by her dresser, Irma, and her faithful pianist, Igor. All three salute the captain and his friends one last time before taking their seats in this blue Peugeot 403, heavily laden with luggage. 

This miniature belongs to the "Cars from the Adventures of Tintin" collection. This series brings together 71 replicas of the main models from Hergé's saga. Each vehicle has been faithfully reproduced, with a high quality of finish and detail. 

Delivered in a decorated crystal case, accompanied by a richly illustrated explanatory booklet (in French and English).  

Collection: Cars from the Adventures of Tintin 1/24 scale

Ref: 999999929937


Width 11.50 cm
Length 25.00 cm
Height 11.50 cm
Production Year 2019
Minimum Age 7
Certificate No
Numbered Edition No
Package size 30.00 cm x 17.00 cm x 16.00 cm

Tintin Car N°37-The Marlinspike taxi 1:24 scale Tintin car collection


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