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Tintin, Snowy and Captain Haddock have just landed in Borduria in search of Professor Calculus. Their arrival has been announced and they are immediately taken in charge by the ZEP, the dreaded border secret police. Agents Kronick and Himmerszeck guide our heroes through the city of Szohôd. The car pulls into Plekszy-Gladz square, at the foot of the statue of the Marshal. One of the two interpreters plays the role of guide and shows Tintin and Captain Haddock the government palace. The moustache, symbol of the power embodied by Marshal Plekszy-Gladz, can be seen everywhere, including on the grille of the car that drives the characters towards the Zsnôrr hotel.

Ref: 999999929934


Width 11.50 cm
Length 25.00 cm
Height 11.50 cm
Production Year 2019
Minimum Age 7
Certificate No
Numbered Edition No
Package size 30.00 cm x 17.00 cm x 13.00 cm

Tintin Car N°34-The interpreter's car 1:24 scale Tintin car collection


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