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The Sirius comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity The characters and objects in this new series are taken from the poster Hergé created for the 1979 exhibition, Le Musée Imaginaire de Tintin. Each figurine comes in a special box with a certificate of authenticity.
“In June 1979 a major exhibition, which would later be hosted in other venues, was inaugurated at the Palais des Beaux Arts in Brussels. Hergé was not involved in the detail of the exhibition but the creators explained that the purpose was to put some of the objects that Tintin comes across in his adventures alongside the real objects that inspired them. On the poster he created for the exhibition Hergé drew his main characters in the middle of an imaginary display, the stuff of dreams for Tintin fans and collectors.” Taken from Chronologie d’une œuvre – volume 7.

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Production Year 2022
Country of Manufacture CN
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Dimension paquet 14.50 x 29.50 x 22.50

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