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Collector's edition of The Crab with the Golden Claws.
Special 80th anniversary edition of Captain Haddock.

Only available in French

The 9th book in The Adventures of Tintin series is offered here in its 1953 version with a previously unpublished cover, featuring one of the four colour inserts from the first version of The Crab with the Golden Claws published in 1941. It includes an exclusive eight-page dossier enriched with rare documents from Hergé's archives: selected extracts from notebooks, promotional vignettes, press drawings, posters and illustrations created by the author for the derivative products. 


Ref: 708012


Country of Manufacture Belgium
Editor Egmont
Format Edition 24,20 x 32 cm
Isbn 9782203237278
Package size 32.00 cm x 24.00 cm x 1.50 cm

Album-Le Crabe aux pinces d'or Edition spéciale 80 ans

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