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Abdullah & Zorrino

We are delighted to add ABDULLAH & ZORRINO to the beautiful "The Imaginary Museum of Tintin” collection.

Abdullah made his first appearance in Land of Black Gold.

Distinguishing features: dressed with refinement, as his noble blood requires, Abdullah is still a brat, who paints on the walls, and sticks his tongue out; as seen at the end of the book, Land of Black Gold.

Zorrino makes his first appearance in Prisoners of the Sun.

Distinguishing features: Wears a red Peruvian cap, a traditional poncho and has a slightly swarthy face, this young Indian with pure features shows the same generosity as his new friend Tintin.


- Polychrome resin, hand-painted.

- Not limited, and not numbered.

- Packaged in a decorated box and accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.

- Size: +/- 22cm.

Ref: 46015


Width 0
Length 0
Height 0
Weight 0
Production Year 2021
Country of Manufacture CN
Certificate 0
Colour Object Polychrome
Finish Object Matt
Kids Product 0
Free delivery 0
Materiaal Resin
Numbered Edition 0
Dimension paquet 35.00 x 31.00 x 14.50

Abdallah & Zorrino 0

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