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9. Corto Maltese - La jeunesse

As the Russian-Japanese conflict for the possession of Manchuria is in its final hours, the American war correspondent Jack London asks Corto, a young Maltese sailor with a passion for martial arts, to help an amoral and exalted Siberian deserter, Rasputin. It is here, between the brothels of the Chinese city of Mukden and the front line, that a strange friendship between two exceptional characters is forged.

Ref: 70000109


Width 23.0000
Length 30.5000
Weight 0.6000
Country of Manufacture Belgium
Minimum Age 7 years old
Cover Type Hardcover
Editor Egmont
Format Edition A4 - 210mm x 297mm
Isbn 978-2-203-09768-1
Kids Product No
Numbered Edition No
Language Product French

9. Corto Maltese - La jeunesse


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