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6. Corto Maltese - En Sibérie

Even this time, Corto will have time to rest. Indeed, his Venetian sojourn lasts for the space of one panel. Just turn the page and he is catapulted into Hong Kong, in the middle of an international situation involving a tsarist admiral, a bloodthirsty baron, a Chinese secret society and a train full of gold.

Ref: 70000106


Width 23.0000
Length 30.5000
Weight 0.7600
Country of Manufacture Belgium
Minimum Age 7 years old
Cover Type Hardcover
Editor Egmont
Format Edition A4 - 210mm x 297mm
Isbn 978-2-203-09765-0
Kids Product No
Numbered Edition No
Language Product French

6. Corto Maltese - En Sibérie


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