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Did you know that in the 1930’s, Hergé thought about a career in... advertising?

We know Hergé first and foremost for the flagship, The Adventures of Tintin, series whichhe created in 1929. 

However, Tintin’s creator had many other artistic talents. Alongside the comic strip and his responsibilities as editor-in-chief of the Le Petit Vingtième, the ambitious cartoonist also devoted himself to the creation of posters and advertising campaigns. His advertising work, mainly carried out between 1927 and the end of the 1930’s, is ample proof of this. In 1934, he created L'Atelier Hergé, (The Hergé Studios) to respond to the orders which he received from the advertising industry.  

Carefully selected among numerous works for advertising purposes, these 16 postcard-sized illustrations in this notebook will allow you to appreciate in detail the talents of Tintin's creator in this artistic genre in his own right.  

Completed projects, projects in progress, variations on a theme, here is a beautiful range of shapes, colours, spaces and ideas servicing what would later on be called, advertising.

16 postcards 10x15



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Package size 15.00 cm x 11.00 cm x 1.50 cm

Pack-Postcards-Hergé Studios advertising 10x15cm-16 Postcards


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