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Tintin and Snowy at home!

After escaping the clutches of Mitsuhirato and exploring the seabed amidst sharks, the time has come for Tintin to take some rest.

Our third "Icon" has Tintin sitting comfortably in an armchair, a book in his hands and Snowy asleep at his feet.

The scene is from The Broken Ear.

The story begins with the theft of a sacred tribal object at the Museum of Ethnography. Tintin soon gets involved alongside the detectives, the Thompsons. From the outset, he seeks to know more about the country of Arumbayas, region of origin of the precious statue.

As a conscientious journalist, our little reporter meticulously documents his findings to prepare his report for filing to the “papers”.

Our 3 D team wanted to respect this design; this is why the edges of the model are sharp and very "clear line." There was no question of adding extra details, such as seams or bulk due to padding.

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Ref: 46404


Height 16.00 cm
Certificate Yes
Material Resin
Numbered Edition Yes
Package size 34.00 cm x 34.00 cm x 30.00 cm

Tintin red armchair The Icons Collection


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