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In 1943 Hergé had the idea to create a series of chromolithographs based on the principle of “learning by having fun”. The result was a mini-series of magnificent illustrations that are unique in the canon of Hergé's work. Tintin is presented as a nature-enthusiast – botany, zoology, entomology... not only does the young reporter report traditional news but he is also interested in natural science! The Tintin and the Butterflyfish facsimile taken from this series shows Tintin and Snowy fishing for butterflyfish. Sold in a wooden frame and covered with glass (38 x 38 cm), the illustration is a faithful reproduction of the original drawing, which was created by Hergé on drawing paper using Indian ink, watercolour and pencil.

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Width 38.00 cm
Length 38.00 cm
Height 2.50 cm
Weight 1.18 kg
Production Year 2013
Country of Manufacture Belgium
Certificate No
Kids Product No
Free delivery No
Numbered Edition Yes
Type Object N/A
Package size 38.00 cm x 38.00 cm x 3.00 cm

Tintin and the Butterflyfish-Facsimile

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