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Tintin in the Land of the Soviets was the first Tintin book Hergé ever wrote. In his latest book, Hergéologue Philippe Goddin explores the origins and creation of Tintin's first adventure to reveal how the Clear Line technique that Hergé pioneered was already present in embryonic form in Soviets. Goddin also explains what it was like for the 21-year old Hergé at the outset of his artistic career, and shows how Hergé was sensitive to the suffering of those involved in one of the great historical events of the beginning of the twentieth century: the Russian Revolution.

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Country of Manufacture Belgium
Editor Editions Moulinsart
Format Edition 298x298mm
Isbn 978-2-87424-357-8
Language Product French

Hergé, Tintin et les Soviets


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