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05. The Blue Lotus

While Tintin is in India he gets drawn into a dangerous mystery revolving around a madness-inducing poison. The little reporter travels to the source of the poison, Shanghai, where he sets to work unraveling a nefarious web of opium traffickers. But can he outwit the crooks who are out to get him?

Drôles de plumes

This French-language book includes 11 short stories in which Tintin and his friends live in different parts of Brussels. The book was published to mark the occasion of the 70th birthday of King Albert II of Belgium, and the 75th anniversary of the creation of Tintin.

Poster – Tintin in the Congo

Ce poster représente la couverture de l'album Tintin au Congo colorisé.

06. The Broken Ear

A mysterious statue – created by a fierce South American Indian tribe – has disappeared. Tintin sets out to find it... but he's not the only one! Teeming with conspiracies and bomb plots, the storyline also sees Tintin go on a tropical adventure, which leads him to hidden native civilizations and long-lost explorers!

Géo Book - 110 Pays 7000 Idées

Avec ses milliers d'idées de voyages et ses informations claires et pratiques, le Geo Book est l'outil indispensable pour choisir ses destinations de voyages. Enrichi des aventures de Tintin dans ses destinations aussi bien réelles qu'imaginaires, il vous permet de partir sur les traces du célèbre reporter.

Poster - Tintin in America

This Tintin book poster is a reproduction of the French cover of Tintin in America.

07. The Black Island

Tintin travels to Great Britain, where he is in danger from the moment he arrives. He encounters the Thom(p)sons, who are on the trail of a gang of counterfeiters operating from an island off the coast of Scotland. Will Tintin avoid being caught by the wild beast which is said to roam the island?

Archibald Haddock – les mémoires de mille sabords

This French-language book delves into the history of the most impulsive and endearing character in The Adventures of Tintin: Captain Haddock!

08. King Ottokar's Sceptre

Tintin travels to the Kingdom of Syldavia. His investigations lead him to uncover a plot aimed at dethroning King Muskar XII, the ruler of Syldavia. The plotters are working for Borduria, a neighboring country determined to annex Syldavia. Will Tintin triumph over the bad guys?


This catalogue has been published to accompany the Grand Palais Hergé exhibition, created in partnership with the Hergé Museum. It takes the reader deep on a journey into the universe of Hergé. The Adventures of Tintin were first published in Le Petit Vingtième in 1929. With this series Georges Remi, otherwise known as Hergé, embarked on an astounding career as both an incredible illustrator and a superb storyteller. He created a unique style that was to become the basis for an entire movement in comic strip art. He became famous in Belgium, Europe and beyond. The Hergé catalogue brings together two books in one and gives the reader the sense of reading something new and interactive...

Poster - Cigars of the Pharaoh

This Tintin book poster is a reproduction of the French cover of Cigars of the Pharaoh.

09. The Crab with the Golden Claws

Tintin and Snowy stumble upon a police investigation under way in Brussels. They set off on an adventure to the exotic country of Morocco, hot on the trail of a gang of opium smugglers. During his travels Tintin meets Captain Haddock, a troublesome sailor who turns out to be a staunch ally!

Hergé & Tom Frantzen - Une rencontre imaginaire

Hergé & Tom Frantzen - Une rencontre imaginaire

Poster - The Blue Lotus

This Tintin book poster is a reproduction of the French cover of The Blue Lotus.

10. The Shooting Star

When an asteroid narrowly misses crashing into the Earth, a piece of the rock plummets into the Arctic Ocean. Two expeditions are set out to find the meteorite. Tintin and Snowy set off on board the Aurora, with Captain Haddock at the helm. The race is on!

Catalogue grand palais

Qui ne connait pas Tintin? Mais qui connaît vraiment Hergé? Cet album Deluxe très illustré remonte le temps des aventures créatives d'un auteur autodidacte et nous fait découvrir sa personnalité riche, complexe et secrète. Comment Hergé concevait-il ses histoires? Comment lui est venue cette idée d'un reporter à la houppette? Pourquoi s'est-il mit à la peinture? Pourquoi a-t-il arrêté les aventures de Jo et Zette? Hergé ressemblait-il à ses personnages? Qu'est ce que le style Hergé? Autant de questions et d'autres encore dans ce catalogue Deluxe où Hergé répond toujours avec précision, modestie et humour.

Images in action : Transports

Images en action : Les transports

Poster - The Broken Ear

This Tintin book poster is a reproduction of the French cover of The Broken Ear.

11. The Secret of the Unicorn

At a market Tintin stumbles across a model ship and buys it as a gift for his friend Captain Haddock. Strange events begin to unfold. Tintin’s flat is ransacked and a mysterious collector seems determined to buy the model ship, which turns out to contain a clue to a long lost treasure.

Hergé côté jardin

Hergé côté jardin, written by Studios Hergé author Dominique Maricq and published by Éditions Moulinsart, is a profound and sensitively written biography tracing the life of Hergé during the period when the author of Tintin owned a house in the Walloon Brabant countryside in Belgium. Packed with rare and unpublished stories and facts, this book is a must-have for any fan of Hergé and his work. This book is in French.


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