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Brought together for the first time in a box set, the original versions of the first three adventures of Tintin are adorned with new colors to bring an unprecedented freshness to the drawings of young Hergé...

This work is co-published by Tintinimaginatio SA and Casterman SA.

Totally different from the current edition, the Tintin plates published in Le Petit Vingtième between January 1929 and October 1932 reveal a more rounded, spontaneous and flexible graphics, but also an art of composition influenced by Art Deco. In this first manner of Hergé, the elegant stylization is already affirmed which will blossom even more visibly from the Blue Lotus.

Entrusted to Tintinimaginatio, this colorization respects the black lines and solid areas traced and placed by Hergé, but offers a new palette of colors which amplifies the readability of the story and the clarity of the drawings in a surprising way, thus offering a new reading of these albums.

This colorization campaign will cover the first nine albums published in series in Le Petit Vingtième, then Le Soir-Jeunesse. Each volume is introduced by a preface, which provides information on the genesis of these stories and their publication context in the light of unpublished documentary sources.

Ref: 77114


Production Year 2023
Cover Type Hardcover
Format Edition 23,40x31,20cm
Isbn 978-2-203-25570-8
Language Product French
Package size 5.00 cm x 32.00 cm x 24.00 cm

Box set 3 Albums Tintin colorized version


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