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This 1000 piece Tintin puzzle (+ poster) is 67 x 48 cm. The chosen image is taken from the album The Calculus Affair. A vignette that makes a lasting impression on readers' minds by its size and richness. It is full of detail and vitality. The 1000-piece format is perfect for aficionados looking for a moment of relaxation and calm. Hours of family fun ahead!


This 1,000 piece Tintin puzzle (+ poster) is 67 x 48 cm. The image chosen is taken from The Calculus Affair. A strong and moving image of Haddock brutally ejected from the revolving door by the force generated by the door’s rotation. A puzzle to do without further delay.


This 500 piece Tintin puzzle (+ poster) is in 48.5 x 34.5 cm format. The image is taken from Tintin in Tibet. Enjoy recreating the look of astonishment on Tintin's face and Snowy’s anger in this jigsaw puzzle.

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Pack - Puzzle

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