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Tintin, c'est l'aventure N°15 - Marcher ou le début de l’aventure

Throughout the adventures, Tintin reveals himself to be a tireless walker. The walk is the initial action in most of the books, the beginning of the adventure and, beyond that, the moment of hindsight necessary for a calm analysis of the situation. Following on from Tintin, this issue invites us to rediscover the benefits of walking. Exclusive interviews with explorer Mike Horn and an extract from Americana, the spectacular graphic novel by Luke Healy. (French version)

Ref: 24423


Width 21.00 cm
Length 29.00 cm
Production Year 2022
Language Product French
Package size 29.00 cm x 21.00 cm x 2.00 cm

Tintin, c'est l'aventure N°15 Revue


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