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Tintin has just revealed to King Muskar XII of Syldavia that some "wretches" want to steal his sceptre and that his help of camp has betrayed him! At the wheel of his powerful Packard coupé, the king rushes with Tintin and Snowy through the streets of Klow towards Kropow Castle where the plot is set up.

Ref: 999999929928


Width 12.50 cm
Length 26.00 cm
Height 11.50 cm
Production Year 2020
Minimum Age 14 years old
Certificate No
Kids Product No
Numbered Edition No
Package size 30.00 cm x 17.00 cm x 13.00 cm

Tintin Car N°28-The Packard of Miskard XII 1:24 scale Tintin car collection


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