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Tintin, c'est l'aventure - Dialogue Imaginaire (Hors-série)

The art of drawing served them to decipher their times. Each in their own way, Hergé and Plantu, with their own style and sensibility, gave an account of the world. This second special issue is constructed as a dialogue that reveals unsuspected bridges in the path, method, humour and humanism of two artists who have never met, but who share so many values and common points.

Ref: 24421


Width 24.00 cm
Length 30.50 cm
Production Year 2022
Isbn 978-2-8104-3732-0
Language Product French
Package size 1.50 cm x 24.00 cm x 30.50 cm

Tintin, c'est l'aventure-Dialogue Imaginaire Special edition

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