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Disguised as a Chinese, Tintin has entered an opium den called The Blue Lotus and surreptitiously listens to the conversation between the Japanese bandit Mitsuhirato and a mysterious American visitor. Determined not to lose sight of them, the intrepid reporter clings to the spare wheel of the car in which the two individuals have just boarded. Tintin is far from suspecting that he is about to witness an event that will change the course of history...

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Width 12.50 cm
Length 26.00 cm
Height 11.50 cm
Production Year 2020
Minimum Age 14 years old
Certificate No
Numbered Edition No
Package size 30.00 cm x 17.00 cm x 13.00 cm

Tintin Car N°22-Mitsuhirato's car 1:24 scale Tintin car collection

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