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Tintin, c'est l'aventure N° 5 - A la recherche de Tchang

In 1936, Tintin's first adventure in the Far East was published. The Blue Lotus, offered a very

balanced vision of China, far from the sometimes numerous stereotypes of the first books. For this fictional journey, Hergé had for the first time closely documented everything, and collaborated with a Chinese sculpture student, Chang Chong-chen. This meeting marked a decisive turning point in his creative work: not only did Hergé now work on reality, but his friend’s art of drawing left a lasting impression on his work. It was the birth of the clear line.


"Thanks to you, my life has taken a new direction. You made me discover many things: poetry, the feeling of the unity of man and the universe.” Hergé wrote in a letter to Chang




  • A large dossier devoted to the friendship between Hergé and the Chinese sculptor Chang Chong-chen, which revolutionised the entire work of the cartoonist.


  • An exclusive interview with Chang's daughter, TCHANG YIFEI, who looks back on this artistic and human encounter.


  • A panoramic photo at the beginning of the magazine, in the great tradition of GEO.


  • The secrets of SYLVAIN TESSON, the nostalgic adventurer from the world of Tintin, illustrated with photos taken by Vincent Munier during their journey to meet the snow leopard.


  • Unpublished comic strips signed by MARYSE ET JEAN-FRANÇOIS CHARLES.


  • The travel notebook of LORENZO MATTOTTI, the Italian genius of colour.


  • A GEO report on the Wakhan, the forgotten valley of Afghanistan.


  • Sketches and working drawings by Hergé on the theme of China. A historical investigation: how did the Nautilus inspire Professor Calculus’ shark submarine?


  • A close look at the Amazonian tribes, from Hergé's vision to contemporary struggles.


  • A report on the round-the-world tour, a new tourist trend for everyone?

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