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 Haddock Swearwords T-shirt

Captain Haddock is undoubtedly the most loved character in The Adventures of Tintin. His fiery temperament, his blows, his weaknesses, his sometimes clumsy, sometimes courageous side make this character a "real heart that beats", one could even say, a palpitation of soul.

What would Tintin's adventures be without Captain Haddock and his famous swear words?  

Rather than using real insults, which wouldn’t have been appropriate for the young readers, Hergé had the idea to make the captain utter words that have no derogatory value, but which have in common their semantic richness: Blistering Barnacles, platypus, troglodyte, ectoplasm, to name a few. 

Find an anthology of insults from our endearing Captain Haddock on the back of this magnificent t-shirt. 

Material: 100% cotton. 

Colour: Mottled grey

Manufactured in Spain

Ref: 00888


Country of Manufacture PT
Material Textile 100% cotton
Language Product French
Package size 1.00 cm x 20.00 cm x 10.00 cm

T-shirt Haddock Swearwords Mixed - from 2 years to 3XL


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