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After having escaped from the prison in Las Dopicos, where he was held on the orders of General Alcazar, Tintin hurriedly left San Theodoros on board the car provided by Pablo. But the soldiers who are chasing him end up getting close to his car, which they immediately start to machine-gun... The car in which Tintin tries to outrun the San-Teodoros soldiers is a stylised transposition of a Rosengart LR2 spider coupe.

Ref: 999999929916


Width 11.50 cm
Length 25.00 cm
Height 11.50 cm
Production Year 2019
Minimum Age 14 years old
Certificate No
Numbered Edition No
Package size 30.00 cm x 17.00 cm x 13.00 cm

Tintin Car N°16-The Rosengart get-away 1:24 scale Tintin car collection


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