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Corto 2020 Desk Calendar

Start the year 2020 with these magnificent visuals from Corto Maltese's 26th adventure, The Golden House of Samarkand (1980). Corto is in search of the treasure of Persian King Cyrus II, which has been hidden by Alexander the Great. This is the start of a long journey from the Mediterranean to Central Asia and then to Hindu Kush.

Thanks to this practical calendar, you will always have an eye on your schedule. Every month features a reproduction of Watercolours and Indian ink created by the Italian comic book creator, Hugo Pratt.

In three languages: French, English, Italian.

Dimensions: 15 x 21cm


Ref: 24441


Weight 1.0000
Production Year 2019
Country of Manufacture Belgium
Minimum Age 7 years old
Cover Type Hardcover
Kids Product No
Numbered Edition No
Language Product Dutch

Desk Calendar Corto 2020


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