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Thomson reading Tintin. In 2016 we are proud to offer our customers a new special collection, based on a magnificent poster created by Hergé in 1946 to promote the launch of Tintin magazine. This new series, named "Lisez Tintin" after the title of the poster, will be completed over the year by the following key characters and friends of Tintin: Captain Haddock, the Thom(p)sons, Professor Calculus, and of course the faithful Snowy! Each figurine in this collection is strictly limited to 2,000 copies. Each figurine comes with a certificate of authenticity. The “Lisez Tintin” poster is also for sale! See it here

Ref: 46303


Width 5.0000
Length 5.5000
Height 10.0000
Weight 0.2500
Production Year 2016
Country of Manufacture CN
Minimum Age 14 years old
Certificate Yes
Colour Object Polychrome
Finish Object Glossy
Kids Product No
Free delivery No
Materiaal Lead
Numbered Edition Yes
Type Object N/A
Dimension paquet 20.00 x 10.00 x 9.50

Thomson reading Tintin "Lisez Tintin" Collection

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