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"A phantom car Tintin is in the jungle of India and is driving Dr. Sarcophagus (the mad scientist) as well as Mr. Zloty (the writer) to the hospital in the Lincoln Torpedo Grand Sport. This magnificent convertible however probably remained in the state of a project. Indeed, the only trace left by this phantom car designed by Jacques Saoutchik, is an advertisement from the early thirties that Hergé reproduced practically verbatim. For Russian origins,Saoutchik imposed his style between the two great wars and designed prestigious cars such as the Delage D8-120 driven by General De Gaulle. THE CAR WHICH INSPIRED HERGE : Make: Lincoln Model: Torpedo Grand Sport Year: circa 1930 Body: designed by Jacques Saoutchik. A rare picture of the designer is shown on the left. DETAILS : Interior : a combination of calm and voluptuous feeling is the testimony of the refined taste which prevailed during the roaring twenties. A car was like a jewelry case destined to the elite. How strange it is to find this jewel in the heart of the jungle ! Body : “Torpedo” is the style chosen for this car. The name “Torpedo” was very popular and used by many manufacturers. It inspires the idea of speed and is a reminder of the shape of the car itself. Insignia : the Torpedo Grand Sport driven by Tintin shows no hood ornament in the first two vignettes – p.43, D1 and p.45, A1 – but will suddenly appear on p.50, A2."

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Width 3.7000
Length 11.5000
Height 4.0000
Weight 0.1400
Production Year 2013
Country of Manufacture CN
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Lincoln Torpedo from Cigars of the Pharaoh Tintin and the cars

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