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At breakneck Speed Hunted down by Tintin all the way into his Wadesdah palace, professor Smith will manage to escape with his hostage, Abdullah, son of the emir Ben Kalish Ezab. He drives a beautiful American red car and, gas pedal to the floor, he ventures onto the only practicable trail. Tintin and Haddock pursue him with the Emir’s car. There is no doubt, the Buick that professor Smith drives like the wind is indeed a Roadmaster from 1949. Almost though … and as the advertisement was declaring at the time: you are Top Man in this car. THE CAR WHICH INSPIRED HERGE : Make: Buick General Motors Division Model: Roadmaster Year: 1949 Automatic transmission Dynaflo drive type Weight: 4,205 lbs Price: $2,735 Production: 54,674 units DETAILS : The “Ventiports”: The Buick Roadmaster from 1949 owed a great deal of her reputation to the four ventilation apertures adorning the fenders. These louvers are called “ventiports” or “mouse holes”. Their ventilation purpose was in fact rather limited. The grill: Hergé reduced the number of her teeth to fifteen. The doors: The Buick Roadmaster is the car that inspired the red American from Land of Black Gold and is equipped with four doors. The one driven by Professor Smith has only two. Door handles: Hergé represented both doors without handles!

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Width 6.8000
Length 14.0000
Height 4.0000
Weight 0.1530
Production Year 2012
Country of Manufacture CN
Minimum Age 14 years old
Certificate Yes
Kids Product No
Free delivery No
Numbered Edition No
Dimension paquet 15.00 x 7.00 x 7.00

The Red Buick - The Black Gold Tintin in the cars

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